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Head Spa Treatments

Image by Joyce G

Relax while rejuvenating your scalp and hair. A head spa treatment is a customized multi-step process that deep cleanses, and nourishes your scalp. It's like a facial for your scalp so your hair can grow more efficiently and reduce any scalp irritation.

What We



Detox Scalp Therapy

Short / shoulder length hair -- $55

Long hair / beneath shoulders -- $75

Helps reduce build-up, oily, dry scalp, and psoriasis. improves circulation with relaxing massage.


Ultimate Hydration Scalp Therapy

short hair -- $65
long hair -- $85

Helps reduce dry scalp, dandruff, & psoriasis

Additional Services

Eye Mask -- $15
Lip Mask -- $15
Hydrating Hand Treatment -- $10
Hair Blow Out -- $15

Image by Jason Leung
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