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Our Massages

At Spa Renew we offer a number of massage modalities tailored to suit your personal needs. Whether you just want to relax and unwind, need specific therapeutic work, or have deep tension and trigger point pain, our therapists are here to aid you on your journey to feeling better.  

Swedish Massage

Decrease stress, relieve muscle tension and increase energy.

30 min -- $40

60 min -- $80

90 min -- $100

Prenatal Massage

Relieves stress and tension for the mother to be. Must be in second trimester at least.

60 min -- $80

Massage Appetizer

This massage is a combination of aroma therapy, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Reflexology and Hot Stone.

90 min -- $105

Foot Indulgence

Pamper your feet with an exfoliation, detoxifying sea weed wrap, foot massage and reflexology.

60 min -- $65

Body Polish 

Pumice and oil to aide skin


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep pressure massage combined with trigger points to relieve muscle pain.

30 min -- $45

60 min -- $85

90 min -- $105

Hot Stone Massage

Warm smooth stones penetrate the muscles and sends you into a complete state of relaxation.

90 min -- $100

Massage Cupping

Uses special cups to reduce inflammation and draws toxins out of tense muscles.

30 min -- $45

60 min -- $75


Stimulates your body's own healing by activating reflex points on your feet.

15 min -- $15

30 min -- $30


Healing technique to guide flow of healthy energy

60-90 mins --$75


Back Exfoliation -- $10
Hot Stones-Back Only -- $15
Cupping Spot Treatment -- $10

What Our Clients Say

Shiba Inu

Ashley C.

I've been to Spa Renew for a massage with Mary which was a 10/10 fantastic and I've been twice for brow wax and tent with Sara which also I'd give a 10/10. Customer service is top notch, the places feels cozy and they're accommodating and friendly

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